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The Global Reef Project aims to work with partners and collaborators to further its main mission, which is to create a comprehensive, robust, reproducible, and quality-controlled biogeochemical data set to enhance understanding of coral reef ecosystems. Data is only valid and useful if it is shared, peer-reviewed, and relevant to the coral reef scientific community.

Martin Daly

Martin Daly

Martin Daly of the Indies Trader Group is currently partnering with the Global Reef Project as advisor. He is designing and coordinating Alchemy’s re-fit.

Martin Daly was a pioneer in exploration of the coral reefs for surfing. In 1999, he organized a five-year expedition, supported by Quiksilver and Reef Check, to combine surf exploration with a scientific mission to survey the world’s coral reefs.

This expedition, called the Quicksilver Crossing, provided the inspiration for the Global Reef Project. Martin’s experience and input will be an invaluable asset in preparing for, and executing this expedition.

The Global Reef Project is a scientific effort focused on collection of biogeochemical data from coral reefs and open-water ecosystems. It aims to develop a comprehensive, system-wide, and quality-controlled set of protocols for data sampling in collaboration with the scientific community.
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