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Investment to Date
The total funds committed to the Global Reef Project’s five-year mission to date are approximately $5,425,000 (see below for a breakdown of approximate costs). Alchemy Ventures Ltd., a limited liability corporation based in the Marshall Islands, has very kindly donated space aboard the research vessel, Alchemy, and is underwriting the vessel’s annual operating costs.

The Global Reef Project will pay for modifications to Alchemy that are necessary for the incorporation of scientific equipment, and will pay the salary of two scientific research assistants. Costs outlined below do not include those for equipment to carry out chemical, physical, and microbiological analysis. Systems for this work are currently being developed in collaboration with a number of institutions.


Alchemy Ventures Ltd.

Global Reef Project


Annual running costs

Broadband satellite communications system
Integrated “Enriched air” diving centre
WASSP hull- and tender-mounted sonar system
Structural modifications to Alchemy
Estimated annual salary of a research assistant


$950,000 per annum

$30,000 per annum (x2)

Currently, the Global Reef Project is connecting with marine biologists to begin the process of identifying the most useful type of physical, chemical, and biological data, which will help scientists understand coral reef ecosystems.

If you are interested in the opportunity to have the Global Reef Project collect data on your behalf, or if you would like to collaborate to formulate a standardized protocol for data collection, please contact the Global Reef Project.

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