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System-Wide Approach

A system-wide approach to understanding coral reef ecosystems is needed to obtain a global view of the environmental and human stressors impacting coral reefs. To better understand the complex dynamics of coral reef ecosystems it is necessary to simultaneously measure as many parameters as possible. These should include physical, chemical, and biological parameters, such as those listed below. Most studies of coral reefs to date have focused on one or a small subgroup of these parameters.

The Global Reef Project aims to employ robust, reliable, and reproducible methods to simultaneously gather data for all of these parameters at each reef location visited. We will therefore generate a unique, global, system-wide, and long-term data set to gain insight into the dynamics of coral reefs.

If you are interested in one or all of these functional areas, or would like the opportunity to work with the Global Reef Project, please contact us.

The Global Reef Project is a scientific effort focused on collection of biogeochemical data from coral reefs and open-water ecosystems. It aims to develop a comprehensive, system-wide, and quality-controlled set of protocols for data sampling in collaboration with the scientific community.
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