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Upcoming Work

The following data and samples will be collected:

  • Structure of the reef and the surrounding seabed using sonar-based imaging
  • Reef-associated biogeochemical data. This will include assessment of the levels of dissolved oxygen, DIC, CDOM, chlorophyll a, seawater pH, salinity, temperature, and turbidity
  • Man-made contaminants such as mercury, organophosphates, organochlorines, heavy metals, steroids, and other persistent organic pollutants (subject to available funding)
  • Numbers and diversities of coral reef-associated macro organisms
  • Coral reef-associated micro organisms including bacteria, viruses and other planktonic organisms

The Global Reef Project works with partners to develop system-wide, robust, standardized, quality-controlled protocols and contributes scientific equipment that is suitable for deployment aboard Alchemy.

The Global Reef Project is a scientific effort focused on collection of biogeochemical data from coral reefs and open-water ecosystems. It aims to develop a comprehensive, system-wide, and quality-controlled set of protocols for data sampling in collaboration with the scientific community.
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